When I'm a MAGICIAN, I wear colorful clothes, not a tuxedo. (See photo)


Because kids don't want to see some grownup dressed in black formalwear.

Wildly colorful clothes and a happy attitude - those are my trademarks (and when children see me, they know there's fun coming!)

By the way, do you know what it's like to walk into a decent restaurant and try to get lunch looking like this?


As a CLOWN, I wear the same colorful clothes and JUST A LITTLE BIT of makeup (see photo)


Because too many kids find the white face and wild red wig frightening! 


Well, some of his friends are very likely to. That's why I keep my makeup very simple! I've tried it both ways, and this way works better I find that the children are much more relaxed and ready for some fun!

I DON'T HAVE a BIG red wig
& a white face.

I'm entertaining because of my skill rather than a coat of paint.
Anybody can put on elaborate makeup it takes skill and experience
(and hard work!) to know what it takes to make children really happy!

"But my child loves clowns you can use
a lot of makeup and a wig for our party!"

Click here for some thoughts about that idea.

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