Bally! Sounds of the Sideshow

of real carnival "ballys"
dating from the 1920's to the 1960s
on this AUDIO CD!

27 Tracks!

That's 'bally' as in 'ballyhoo' — the exciting descriptions of the thrills,
the weird and wonderful sights of the carnival, all waiting for you to see them

An authentic "carnival soundtrack," now 27 tracks including the original sounds of the crowds and the rides,
dozens of original recordings of the showmen themselves,
coming over the PA speakers in front of each attraction you pass,
 describing the strange sights you'll remember for a lifetime for just a dime or a quarter!

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HEAR these FREE audio samples:

Authentic recordings from the carnival lot of the 1960's on 8-track tapes rescued from a junk shop, plus new tracks based on archival scripts voiced by professional voice actors. Our best-selling CD has been newly remastered and professionally duplicated!

Just $11.99   FREE U.S. shipping

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~ Hear ~
the pitches
as throngs of happy people heard them on the carnival lot!

~ Hear ~
the screams and rumbles
from the clattering rides in the background!

~ Hear ~
the growls and the rattling cage
of "Eeka" the GEEK as she waits to be fed!

You can almost smell the cotton candy and the hotdogs…
you can certainly smell the carnys…
as these sounds pierce the darkness of the carnival lot outside of town!

Track List:

01 - Welcome *, Rides, Geek Show
02 - Museum of Oddities
03 - Tiny Cappy the Smallest Horse
04 - Kid Buzzer Ride & Other Rides
05 - Glass House
06 - Shoot the Star Game *
07 - 10-in-One Bally I *
08 - Candy Pitch *
09 - Roundup and Other Rides
10 - Rockrabbits
11 - Living Unicorn
12 - Eeka *
13 - Alligator Skin Girl
14 - Killers of the Amazon
15 - Piranhas
16 - Pixie the Minicow
17 - Scream Ride
18 - Freak Animals
19 - Gallery of Freaks
20 - Little Ernie the Mini Pig
21 - Freak Cows
22 - Crazy Ball * & 10-in-One Bally 2 *
23 - Strange Oddities of the World
24 - Baseball Joint *
25 - Girl Show *
26 - French Book Pitch *
27 - Zambora Girl to Gorilla Show *

* = New Recordings of Old Scripts

Saved by sheer luck from oblivion!

What's that man saying?

“Alive! Alive! Alive! Terrors of the Amazon! Deadly piranhas, able to strip the flesh from a cow in seconds and leave just the bones! The two-headed pig - a two-faced calf! Freaks of nature!"

"Alive on the inside, EEKAH! Discovered in the jungle by legendary wild animal tamer Frank Buck, Eekah is more animal than human — and what you will see when I throw this live chicken into that steel cage, you will remember for the rest of your life!"

"They're all alive and close enough to touch!"

Listen to the barker
(actually they called him "the outside talker")

lure you into the 10-in-One Sideshow,
the Museum of Freak Animals,
the 2-Headed Baby Show,
the Glass House
and MANY more. 

Hear For Yourself … It's the REAL THING!

Authentic spiels gathered from forgotten 8-track tapes discarded in a "junk shop" as the era of the freak-show ended, from antique transcripts buried in dusty archives, from the personal memories of the last living old-time pitchmen, and from carnival and circus veterans who re-lived the glorious language of the sideshow for us one last time!

We found rare transcripts of …
A candy pitchman's spiel, with a prize in every package!
A "little booklet printed in France" pitched at a girl show!
A geek show bally

(if you don't know what a geek is,
you might not want to…)

And much more
(NOT the fake stuff you see in the movies)!


NOTE ABOUT AUDIO QUALITY: The original audio came from 8-track tapes recorded by the carnies "on the carnival lot" on those awful home recording decks by show owners. These are the ACTUAL RECORDINGS played literally thousands of times over tinny horn PA speakers on the midway. This is the "public address" sound quality you’d have heard actually walking along the midway long ago, past joint after joint, including the real sound of rides and crowds also recorded on the carnival lot. We also recorded some archival scripts with actors, matching the audio characteristics of the old recordings. You can experience the sounds exactly as you'd have heard them on a summer night stroll along the midway! The CD has received praise from those who were actually "with it" in the years the source tapes were used - but if you don't like it, you can send it back with no problem. 

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This CD is brand-new and 100% guaranteed, and comes in a decorative envelope.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, return it within 10 days for a full refund.

NOTE: We own the copyright and all exclusive rights to this compilation in this form.

Just $11.99   FREE U.S. shipping



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